Low Beam – Car head light lighting systems – Headlights

Low BeamThe headlamp of low beam – light device designed to illuminate the road ahead of the vehicle. Light dipped beam parameters are selected so as to ensure the visibility of the road ahead by 50-60 meters and a safe crossing at a relatively narrow road without blinding oncoming drivers.

Modern lighting systems can be divided by light distribution types – the European and American.

European and American car head light lighting systems are different in structure of created beam, and on the principles of its formation. This is due to the peculiarities of the organization of movement and road surface quality. And both systems have a two- and four- lams execution.

On US vehicles there are lights, and more often, headlights, in which low beam filament is offset above the horizontal plane. Thanks to this arrangement the light output beam is shifted toward the right side of the road and angled downward. The formation of beam and dipped beam involved reflective surface of the reflector headlights.

The European lighting system is designed structurally different, the filament beam is displaced upward relative to the reflector focus, while the thread is obstructed by the lower hemisphere with special metal screen.